In 1940 the Christian Service Camp was held in June 10-15 at the White Mills Hotel, White Mills, KY.  The one week of camp at White Mills Hotel, continued through 1944.  The attendance in 1944 was 81 campers.


In 1945-48 the Christian Service Camp was held at the Lindsey Wilson Junior College in Columbia, KY.  Attendance in 1948 was 197 campers and 23 faculty.


The owner of the White Mills Hotel was approached about buying the hotel for use as a camp.  He priced it at $23,000 but this price seemed too high at the time. After a few months he was approached again and he offered to sell it for $19,000.  In Feb. 1949 the White Mills Christian Assembly was incorporated under the laws of Kentucky with its directors being: Edgar Yates, Malcolm Leach, Ernest P. Gast and Olin Hay.  The deed was signed on March 23, 1949 with 25 different churched being involved.


At the time of the purchase there was 5 acres of land, a 3-story motel, a dance hall, operable grist mill, and tennis courts, croquet, shuffleboard, horse shoes, and over 200 yards of frontage on the Nolin River with the water up to 20 ft. deep above the dam.


The campers have been swimming in the “Ole Nolin River” until 1971 when a pool was completed for the campers to use.


The mission of this camp remains the same today as it did when it began in 1949, that is: “to train young people and adults to Christian ideals, skills and fellowship.  This is accomplished through Christian teaching and fellowship in a week or more of directed study and activity at the camp.”

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