Building for Tomorrow

Meeting the Challenge

In 1949, the purpose of establishing White Mills Christian Camp was to train young people and adults in Christian ideals, skills and fellowship in a week or more of directed studies and activities at camp.  The purpose of White Mills remains unchanged.


Better Facilities are Expected
Churches and schools continue to improve their facilities. Church members expect the camp to do the same. Over the years the camp has expanded from 5 to 40 acres and built new dorms, classroom shelters, a pool and bathhouse, a retreat center and even zip lines. In the future, the camp plans to add more dorms and a new dining hall and kitchen. All of this is done to accommodate the churches and campers so that the original purpose of the camp can continue and so that God may be glorified.
Every year many people come to White Mills Christian Camp and discover a new life in Christ and because of this we are excited about what tomorrow holds!

Please take time to watch the video below and look into the future with us as we take a look at the camp's new dining hall.

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